Matt Harvey interviews New Yorkers who don’t recognize him in hilarious Jimmy Fallon bit

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

NEW YORK — The stands at Citi Field were awash with Matt Harvey No. 33 jerseys on Monday night, and why not? The New York Mets righthander has taken Queens by storm in his first full season and will start Tuesday night's All-Star game for the National League. He's even made a bunch of fans outside of the baseball world after making a much-publicized nude appearance in ESPN:The Magazine's recent "body" issue.

But while Harvey may on his way to becoming a household name in the New York area, it would appear that New Yorkers are focused more on the back of his jersey — and, uh, what's underneath — than committing his face to memory.

Check out the hilarity ensues as Late Night host Jimmy Fallon sends Harvey out into the streets of New York to interview fans who don't recognize him ...

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