Leak at daycare informs world of David Murphy signing with Cleveland Indians

David Brown
Big League Stew

Most fans probably don't care how baseball news breaks, just that it does. And the news of outfielder David Murphy leaving the Texas Rangers via free agency and signing with the Cleveland Indians isn't as riveting as, say, the destinies of Brian McCann or Shin-Soo Choo.

And yet, how the world found out about Murphy changing addresses Tuesday night/Wednesday morning is an original piece of reporting that's worth noting. As with many of these stories, it started with a leak. Murphy's young daughter leaked the news at daycare, telling all of the teachers there that her "daddy was going to be an Indian."

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Aside from that being the most adorable thing ever, the news got back to Jamie Kelly — @JamieSportsTalk on Twitter, thanks to a source of hers. She had the jump on the Ken Rosenthals, Jon Heymans and Tim Browns of the world:

And who is Jamie Kelly? Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas writes:

Kelly, 35, is editorial chief at Paranoid Fan, a social app for sports fans and also writes for Mavs.com and blogs on the Rangers at Shutdown Inning.

"I like David Murphy and it means a lot getting the scoop," Kelly said. "Once I put it out there, it was confirmed."

You never know where information might come from, do you?

Kelly told Big League Stew via Twitter:

"I write my *** off (pardon the language)," she said. "I try to build good relationships built on that. This one just happened to pay off."

That's what being a good reporter is all about.

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