Kate Upton poses with Tigers' Bryan Holaday with wrong one wearing swimsuit

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Some of the Detroit Tigers gathered for a dinner party Sunday night and, with Justin Verlander and special lady friend Kate Upton present, things got a little wacky. An impromptu fashion show broke out at one point and sexy swimwear was worn. Not by Upton, who does that sort of thing for a living, but by Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday, who dons an Amanda Beard special and shows us as much leg as allowed by law. It also should be noted: Holaday is wearing a teeny, tiny hat.

Joba Chamberlain (yes, he's on the Tigers now!) captured it with his camera for Twitter, and that's Max Scherzer wearing the sombrero in the foreground, looking amused.

Does Holaday have a future in modeling? Well, at the moment, he's listed as the backup to Alex Avila at catcher after having a promising 33 plate appearances for Detroit in 2013. So baseball is promising for him right now. But he's not taking anything for granted. Nor should he. If he has to go the Full Monty next time, so be it. He needs to use the Verlander-Upton baseball-modeling association for all that it might be worth.

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