Kansas City (Mo.) changes Baltimore Avenue to 'Royals Avenue' for ALCS

(City of Kansas City, Mo.)

Realizing the American League Championship Series starts Friday night, the city council of Kansas City, Mo., moved to support the hometown Kansas City Royals by wiping all mention of the word "Baltimore" from the streets of K.C.

A street, anyway. Baltimore Avenue, specifically. The council changed Baltimore Avenue to Royals Avenue. It's only honorary, and temporary, presumably until the World Series ends. Or maybe for a while after that, if the Royals happen to win. (Or if the Baltimore Orioles do, and the town is bitter about it.)

Fox 4 TV in K.C. covered the re-naming as it happened:

They say you can’t fight city hall, but apparently it can fight for you. That’s what Councilman Dick Davis did for the Royals when he read a proclamation to ceremonially change Baltimore Avenue to Royals Avenue.

Councilman Jermaine Reed proudly handed a street sign over to Mayor Sly James, who called on the council to vote.

It passed unanimously then Councilman Reed had the entire chamber chanting, “Let’s Go Royals.”

Cities do this kind of thing around playoff time; it's sort of akin to mayors making silly bets with local food. (Barbecue brisket vs. crab cakes is probably how that one would go for this series.)

Baltimore Avenue is a neat street in Kansas City; Harry Truman's old haberdashery used to be there. Also, the mayor of Kansas City really is named "Sly." It's not because he's really sneaky, but instead because his given name is Sylvester.

You might be wondering: What might the city of Baltimore do to erase any mention of Kansas City in its own jurisdiction during the ALCS? Well, there is no Kansas City-named street in Baltimore, therefore there's no avenue to change to "Orioles Parkway" or whatever.

Update: But there is a Mount Royal Avenue in Baltimore, which features a gritty watering hole called the Mount Royal Tavern. It's been there since Prohibition, reportedly. There's also a light rail station named after Mount Royal, and it services a line that goes to Camden Yards.

Another intriguing possibility for change, and possibly the best hope for Orioles rooters in Baltimore, might be the KC Hair Outlet — a salon and wig shop.

(KC Hair)
(KC Hair)


The "KC" logo even looks like the Royals' logo a little bit! Will this stand?

Have to replace that with an "O's."

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