Justin Masterson brings live chicken to Indians batting practice

Last week the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired Marlon Byrd to bolster their lineup and handle outfield duties for the September stretch run. Meanwhile, just a ways down the road in Cleveland, it appears the Indians have acquired a bird of their own — or perhaps called one up from the farm system — to cover ground in Progressive Field’s spacious outfield, in the form of a live chicken.

It's either that or they're filming a scene from Major League 4.

OK, so it's neither. The chicken was actually carried on the field by starting pitcher Justin Masterson, and according to one report was a gift from Masterson to relief pitcher Cody Allen, who also goes by the nickname "Chicken Al."

The exact details are still a little sketchy at this point, but one thing we know for sure is the chicken felt right at home on the field. All the while Cleveland took batting practice and went through their pregame drills before meeting another set of birds, the Baltimore Orioles, the chicken stood with the starting pitchers just in front of the warning track in right field.

Even as baseballs landed feet away, the chicken, which Chris Perez called "Cody" for its new owner, strutted around as if he owned the place. And for an hour or so, I suppose he did, because all of the players had to come over and get a look. "Cody" was also the talk of Twitter for awhile as people speculated who was behind bringing a chicken to batting practice.

Welcome to the big time, Chicken Cody. Just be careful who you make friends with. I hear a lot of these guys would prefer having a chicken on their plates before games.

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