Joey Votto dresses as a Mountie for hilarious 'Intentional Talk' interview (Video)

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto may seem a little plain and, dare we say, boring sometimes. But not when you put him in a Mountie outfit

Votto, born and raised in Toronto, went full Canada on Tuesday during an interview on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" and it's one of the more glorious player interviews we've ever seen. Votto sassed hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, staying fantastically committed to his character. 

He talked about The Red Serge, his horse Nibbles and bringing his Mountie outfit on the road. "If there's any trouble in or around the hotel, I throw it on, hop on Nibbles and we go solve some problems," Votto said.

He even rolled with a videobomb from St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly who marched through the interview. It's worth a watch, because you'll probably come away with newfound respect for Joey Votto.

Not only is he an OBP machine, he's good for some LOLs too.

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