Chris Perez charged with marijuana possession after package of pot mailed to his dog

Mike Oz

So that story about Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez getting marijuana mailed to his house? It just got one thousand times better. It turns out the pot was delivered in the name of Perez's dog. Well, if that ain't a stoner move.

Perez and his wife Melanie have been officially charged with fourth-degree misdemeanor marijuana possession, after their rental home in Rocky River, Ohio was searched earlier this week and a package of marijuana was seized by local police, U.S. postal inspectors and a narcotics unit.

Now that the charges are official, we're hearing more details, the most amusing of which is the dog tidbit. The package in question — which reportedly contained nine ounces of marijuana — was addressed to Brody Baum. According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Brody is the family dog's name and Baum is Melanie Perez's maiden name.

More from The Plain Dealer:

Police said they searched the house after officials at the Rocky River post office said they discovered two packages that smelled like marijuana. After a police dog indicated there could be an illegal substance in them, law enforcement got a search warrant.

Inside one of the Priority Mail packages mailed from Los Angeles was 6.2 ounces of marijuana concealed in four separate Ziplock bags, which were in two containers wrapped in a shirt, according to the postal inspector report. The second package had 3.45 ounces in two Ziplock bags, two containers and wrapped in a white towel. The bags were coated in Vaseline, the report said ...

The undercover officer asked Melanie Perez if the packages were meant for that address and was told that they were for the dog, the report said.

According to an Associated Press report, Perez — who is currently on the disabled list with a shoulder injury — admitted to authorities that he had marijuana in the home for personal use and showed them two mason jars containing pot.

The Perezes issued a statement through their attorney Friday which said they'd be pleading not-guilty to charges:

"My clients Chris and Melanie Perez are facing low level misdemeanor possession charges. These are accusations only. We want to remind people, especially the media, that they have not been found guilty of any crime. They will be entering not guilty pleas. We ask that people not rush to judgment. We are confident of a favorable outcome. In the meantime, Chris and Melanie ask that their family's privacy be respected. Chris is eager to return his focus to his team and his family."

Cleveland Indians general manager Chris Antonetti issued the following statement Friday, via WOIO:

"Clearly, we take these matters seriously and are disappointed whenever there is any negative attention brought to the Indians organization or one of our players. We understand and respect that there is an ongoing legal process that we will allow to evolve."

Perez and his wife were released on their recognizance, but have a court hearing on June 19.

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