Hunter Pence gave an awesome postgame speech to Giants fans (Video)

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San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence gave his second impassioned speech of the week after his team closed out the regular season on Sunday with a win at AT&T Park.

This one contained no F-bombs, not like his postgame speech to his teammates Thursday night while the Giants celebrated clinching an NL wild-card spot. This one was directed squarely at the fans, whom he rallied in hopes of getting the Giants back home for another game in S.F.

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They'll play the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday at PNC Park in the NL wild-card game. If they win, the Giants will play at least one more game at home, against the Washington Nationals in the NLDS. 

Pence used the "Yes, Yes, Yes" chant made famous by WWE pro wrestler Daniel Bryan (and adopted by the Giants for a stretch this season) when he asked Giants fans whether they want to see another home game:

"Right now we’re not guaranteed another game here at home. We’ve got to go earn that. It’s a part of the journey. Do you guys want to see another game here at home? Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. Some of you are coming to Pittsburgh, some of you are going to be sitting on your couches, but you’re with us and you’re sharing that vision. Thank you! It’s been unbelievable and we cannot wait to see you again. One more time: Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Whether the Giants win Wednesday, of course, will have little to do with fans sharing the team's vision or using their various good-luck charms. The Giants need to score more runs than the Pirates, that's all. Fans pointing their fingers in the air all the way across the country isn't going to affect that. However, it sure is wonderful to see a guy like Pence speak to the team's fans like this, breaking down the typical player/fan barrier and making them feel like they really do matter.

Pence continues to be one of the most entertaining players in MLB — from the scooter to the signs to the goofy things he accomplishes on the field. But after Sunday, if you ask a Giants fan why they love Hunter Pence, you can bet a few of them will cite this speech.

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