How much does a wedding proposal cost at a major league ballpark?

Asking another person to marry you at a Major League Baseball park adds risk to an already risky proposition.

• It's happening front of, perhaps, 40,000 strangers.

• It might get on TV.

• There could be furry mascots.

• The proposed-to person might say "no" in front of all of them.

People do it anyway, much to the joy of some and the chagrin of others. Regardless of whether you like public proposals, doing so at the ballpark can generate decent side revenue for the clubs. As this well-researched post by Molly Fitzpatrick of Swimmingly shows, some ballparks charge an arm and a leg to put a ring on a finger — if you want the team to participate, anyway.

The Los Angeles Dodgers charge $2,500 to propose at Dodger Stadium if you want it broadcast live on the scoreboard inside of the park. Of course, there's always a chance that Vin Scully might talk about your wedding proposal on the broadcast — which would make it worth the cost. It's "only" $75 for a scoreboard message. But Vin likely will never know.

The Washington Nationals charge $500 for a message on the video board (got to pay for that ballpark roof somehow!) and $1,500 for a live video board proposal, but those are limited to "two per season." (Geez, how many times is someone going to propose at a ballpark in a single summer? Oh, they probably mean the ballpark limit is two per season.)

This is just the kind of thing that can go wrong during one of the most important moments of your life:

No matter, most teams will give you a chance to invite the entire world (virtually) to your proposal:

The Cleveland Indians will let you propose on the field at Progressive Field, but only during a postgame fireworks show after the game is over. That's $400. The St. Louis Cardinals also let fans propose on the field, but only on non-game days and during a ballpark tour of Busch Stadium.

The best deal for a lot of money might come from the Boston Red Sox who, for $350, will put a message on the scoreboard at Fenway Park and have Wally the Green Monster come by during (?) the proposal and have it all shown live on the video board.

The best deal that includes tickets probably comes from the Philadelphia Phillies, who offer four seats to Citizens Bank Park, a live shot on the video board and a champagne toast for $450. But no Phanatic, apparently. That's too bad.

The best deal on a budget is easily:

The rock-bottom price is $38.50 offered by the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park for a scoreboard message. Five teams — the Angels, Royals, Orioles, Mets and Blue Jays — do not feature wedding proposal packages. Perhaps a DIY would be in order.

UPDATE: We've got one already — at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago:

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