Grown man chases home run ball, tackles little girl instead (Video)

We've all been there. A ball is flying in our direction at a baseball game and we're sure we're going to get it. In that moment, sometimes things go exactly as we hope and sometimes they totally go awry. And sometimes, in their thirst for souvenirs, baseball fans do unfortunate things — like the dad who chased a spring training ball while his kid's wagon went rolling down a hill. 

Monday night, a grown man bowled over a little girl during the Kansas City Royals-Texas Rangers game. He was set on grabbing a souvenir, a long drive off the bat of Billy Butler. But here's what makes this story even more unfortunate — the ball never even cleared the fence. It was caught at the wall. All this kid tackling for naught. Way to go, dude.

The man, who is named Allan Mount according to his YouTube account, thought this was funny enough to upload to YouTube. He posted it on Reddit too, where the response was mixed. Some people think it's funny, some people think he's a horrible human. 

He defended himself on Reddit, writing:

I understand the safety concern here but it's funny that the only people lecturing me about this were nowhere near the event. The girl, her parents, and all the surrounding fans were laughing about it. I guess the carefree spirit of a spring training game doesn't translate well into video!

Uhhh, yeah. Guess you had to be there, because nothing about running over a kid in pursuit of a baseball screams "carefree spirit."

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