Gio Gonzalez plays wingman as high-school senior asks girlfriend to prom

Making the proper prom pitch was so important to Nick Rolle that he called upon a big leaguer.

Rolle, a senior at Georgetown Prep near Washington D.C., got Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez to act as his wingman during a well-planned prom proposal to his girlfriend, detailed in a story by DC Sports Bog's Scott Allen.

Nick and girlfriend Lauren Thomas had field passes for batting practice at the April 21 Nats game, thanks to an assist from Rolle's grandfather, MASN TV host Johnny Holliday. It was Holliday who recruited Gonzalez to participate.

When Gonzalez came out of the clubhouse that day, he said hi to the young couple and handed Thomas the autographed ball asking whether she'd go to prom with Rolle. She said yes, of course, and the two kids had a lovely time at each other's proms this past weekend.

This might all sounds like much ado about nothing — they're already boyfriend and girlfriend, you might be thinking, of course they'd go to prom together, and it was a just a few days way, wouldn't they already need to have plans in place? Well, this was mostly for show. Rolle told DC Sports Bog that the spectacle of popping the prom question is mucho important to the kids these days, and Gonzalez delivered.

“This day and age it’s kind of important how you ask. It’s almost as important as the actual night, especially if you have a girlfriend" ...

"She smiled and was just really, really surprised,” Rolle said. “She said yes, and Gio hung around and joked with us for a few minutes. It was perfect; he was so down to Earth. He could’ve just given us the ball and walked away, but he spent some time with us.

It's a good thing Rolle's girlfriend didn't shoot him down after all this. Prom was just a few days later, no way he'd have time to find another date and find another major-leaguer to be his wingman.

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