Giancarlo Stanton shatters windshield with BP home run, then autographs it

Arizona Diamondbacks employee Alex Kim likely exited his vehicle on Friday thinking it was tucked away safely and soundly in the employee's parking lot at their spring training facility in Scottsdale. On most days he would be correct, too, since it appears the lot is quite a distance from the many practice facilities located at Salt River Fields.

As we've learned, though, you can throw that out the window — literally and figuratively — when Giancarlo Stanton is in the building. For him, there’s no distance that’s unreachable, and there's no person or object that is safe from his destruction. Poor Alex found that out the hard way when Stanton shattered his vehicle's windshield with a mammoth batting practice home run.

As you can see, not all was a loss for Kim, but his first reaction to the scene was exactly what you'd expect it to be.

From's Alyson Footer:

"I was a little upset," Kim said. "My first reaction was I have to pay for a windshield that I didn't break."

A couple of Kim's co-workers suggested he talk to the good folks from Safelite, an auto glass company that happens to sponsor the D-backs. Kim called, and the company volunteered to replace the windshield for no cost.

The story doesn't end there. Following a rigorous weight-lifting session in the home clubhouse, Stanton graciously agreed to meet with Kim and sign the windshield.

Awesome gesture, though if Stanton starts signing everything he damages with one of his blasts, he'll be forced to spend far less time in the gym.

He also better not be afraid of heights.

By the way, Kim was also asked what he plans on doing with the damaged windshield. Here's his response.

"I guess make a coffee table out of it," Kim said. "It's a great talking piece. I'm going to tweet it, Facebook it. This is defintely a moment I'll never forget. I'm pretty excited."

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