George Brett and Lorde finally meet

She could never be Royal. He couldn't possibly be any more Royal. Finally, pop icons from different generations, connected by a picture of a man wearing a Kansas City Royals jersey almost 40 years ago, have met in person.

International recording artist extraordinaire Lorde met the inspiration for her song "Royals," Hall of Famer George Brett, on Tuesday night before her show at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, TMZ reports. Her people had reached out to his people for a meeting, but a potential connection missed in Kansas City when Lorde performed there recently. Brett instead sent her an autographed jersey as an offering of respect.

(Thank goodness the concert didn't take place at the Bellagio, or there might have been a conflict of a NSFW and "double-tapered" nature.)

Here's another shot, in which Lorde looks happier:

Brett's golf tan, it's overwhelming in person.

Regardless, with the Royal circle now complete, we can ask: How did Lorde come across that photo of Brett in the first place? She was born three years after Brett picked up his 3,000th career hit, after all.

The Kansas City Star reports:

When the New Zealand teen came to perform in Kansas City in March, her mother, Sonja Yelich, explained to The Kansas City Star how her daughter came across the 37-year-old photo of Brett: Lorde used to collect vintage National Geographics.

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