Derek Jeter finally sells his Trump World Tower condo for $15.5 million (Photos)

You'd think the news that Derek Jeter has finally sold his 88th-floor condo in the Trump World Tower would be putting a spring in the New York Yankees superstar's hobbled step, but that may not be the case.

The final sale price for the shortstop's luxury condo was $15.5 million, far less than the the $20 million he was originally asking for it in 2010. A Brazilian businessman named Claudio Ferro was named as the buyer and the tabloids say he's getting a steal.

From the New York Post:

Jeter bought the penthouse pad directly from Donald Trump for $12.72 million in 2001, but he listed the East Side apartment for $20 million in 2010 shortly before splitting with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly.

The price dropped to $17.92 million in April.

At $15.5 million, Ferro is getting a steal. "You would think they [the broker] would get a higher price based on Derek Jeter's name alone," said one mystified broker.

Still, Derek Jeter sold the condo for more than he paid for it and he's no longer in the same situation as A-Rod, who's trying to sell a $38 million mansion down in Miami that looks like a giant Crate & Barrel. Jeter has been living in hotels since his condo went on the market and also recently completed construction on a giant mansion down in Tampa for his offseason and spring training living.

The sale of Jeter's condo has attracted a lot of attention in the tabloids and on the blogs the past few years. Here's our own David Brown describing some of the features of the bachelor pad back in 2010, followed with some pictures of the place.

• Sixteen-foot windows that offer an unparalleled view of the Manhattan skyline and giant Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia.

• The latest electronic gadgets — including a Lutron lighting system, a Crestron home audio/visual system and an escape pod in case landlord Donald Trump ever pops by.

• Living-room fireplace — for tossing unfavorable scouting reports, binders that manager Joe Girardi hands out to players and movie scripts not up to the standards that Jeter set in "The Other Guys."

• Chef's kitchen with a breakfast nook and pie bakery.

• A den for Nick Swisher to play in.

• 5 1/2 bathrooms, each with a Driven cologne dispenser.

But as DB also noted back then, it's buyer beware for Ferro because the kitchen might not have any range.

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