Chris Sale pranks Scott Carroll, wears hat with teammate's phone number

Mike Oz

Already this season, Chicago White Sox pitcher Scott Carroll enjoyed the upside of being a rookie — he was great in his MLB debut and teammate Adam Dunn bought dinner for Carroll and his entire family. Now, the downside: Fellow White Sox pitcher Chris Sale pranked Carroll good.

After Wednesday's game, in which Sale pitched the White Sox to a victory, the throng of reporters gathered around the lanky ace saw him wearing a cap with a phone number on it. When asked whose number it was, Sale answered: "You'll see. Just give it a call. … See what you get."

It was Carroll's phone number. The calls came rolling in. Sale's probably still laughing. Carroll, however, made the best of it. The cap Sale was wearing is a Doodle Hat, it's a hat you can write on and then erase. Basically, a white board in cap version. Carroll owns part of the company and recently brought some into the clubhouse.

Here's more from DNA Chicago's Mark Konkol:

Carroll, whose says his phone still hasn't stopped ringing, quickly changed his voicemail message into Sale's endorsement of "Doodle Hats," the dry-erase ball cap that Sale had on his head and the rookie has a financial stake in.

"Hi, you've reached thanks to Chris Sale's wonderful performance," the message says. "Go to and get yourself a Doodle Hat."

Carroll has no problem promoting — shamefully or otherwise — the Doodle Hat. Here's a funny YouTube video he made in 2012 that showcases the product. 

In fact, Carroll thought Sale was doing him a solid by wearing the cap, until he realized something else was afoot.

“And after the game I come out of the shower and see Sale being interviewed and thought ‘Oh, cool he’s wearing the hat.’ And then I got closer and realized that’s my number on there, dang.” 

Carroll said Sale told him, "I was trying to prank you and punk you and this is going to help out your business."

It has helped the Doodle Hat business, but here's the cost: Carroll may have to change his phone number. He's hasn't decided whether to yet, but if the calls don't stop, he says he will.

Then comes a tough question: Does Carroll, 29, get another 816 number (that's a Kansas City area code) or does he think his future is solid enough with the White Sox — he's 2-3 with a 4.68 ERA so far — to get a Chicago number? 

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