Postgame purge: Chris Perez vomits on Busch Stadium field after getting save

Chris Perez really gave a new meaning to the term "right-handed hurler" on Sunday.

After picking up his major-league-leading 20th save Sunday against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cleveland pitcher twice vomited the water he recently had downed in order to stay hydrated on a warm afternoon. Save, yes. Hold, no. And it was not a political statement against his former team, Perez said. Regardless, good luck to the grounds crew at Busch Stadium.

Watch it, but be warned: It's icky:

Note the Indians' broadcast makes no mention of Perez throwing up. White-washers! When you watch the replay again, and you will, note the reaction of teammate Carlos Santana, the catcher. He doesn't want any part of Perez's puke. Shelley Duncan, on the other hand, offers a kind word, or something. A former New York Yankee, he's obviously been around retching in the wee hours of Manhattan.

Perez's explanation of his postgame purge wasn't quite the stuff of legend, but at least he's the sort that doesn't give us regurgitated quotes:

''I drank some warm water and I ran out there and it just didn't settle well,'' Perez said. ''What am I going to do, call timeout and run into the dugout?

''If you remember, a couple years ago in spring training it was the same situation. So I need to stay away from warm water.''

Ew, warm water. Makes me queasy just thinking about it. Really, what would it take for the minions at Busch to throw some ice cubes in the drink jugs in the dugout? We can't have baseball stadiums turning into barfitoriums.

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