The best thing about Bartolo Colon joining the Mets? He has to hit

Some pitchers welcome a move to the National League, because it means they get to bat. Bartolo Colon is not one of those pitchers.

Colon agreed to a two-year deal with the New York Mets on Wednesday, which will pay him $20 million. It also means he'll need to bat routinely. Watch the video above. That's him batting last year with the Oakland Athletics during an interleague game against the Milwaukee Brewers where there was no DH to help him.

Notice how he bails out of the box on a called third strike right down the middle. He later made contact and flied out — but ran to first base holding his bat.

Colon has been in the league so long that he was a rookie the year that interleague play began. He's 40 years old. He's played 16 seasons with seven teams, but only once has he played for an NL team. He has 10 hits in his career, which isn't bad for a pitcher considering he only has 96 career at-bats. But he doesn't have a hit since 2005. Five of his hits came in 2002 when he played for the Montreal Expos. He actually only has on hit since then.

In other words: The last time he had more than one hit in a season, he was 30.

Maybe the Mets knew "Bartolo at The Bat" would sell tickets.

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