Andre Ethier stars as Keanu Reeves' Johnny Utah in 'Point Break LIVE'

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The MLB Fan Cave exists, in large part, to create moments like this: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier on Monday afternoon played Keanu Reeves' legendary character Johnny Utah in "Point Break LIVE," a stage adaptation, of sorts, of the movie "Point Break." In case you missed the '90s, that's the one with the surfing bankrobbers, led by Patrick Swayze, disguised as former U.S. presidents. It was up to Utah, an FBI agent and former college quarterback with a trick knee, to stop them. Well, him and Gary Busey.

Going by this #NSFW video on YouTube, "Point Break LIVE" is an absurdist recreation of the film, and it actually looks like a lot of fun. It's performed at a theater in Brooklyn, N.Y., so it's off-Broadway a little bit. But some mighty strange stuff makes it to Broadway, so perhaps this is Ethier's big break. Who knew, living in the shadow of the Hollywoodland sign all of these years, that Ethier had been bitten by the acting bug?

Here he is, waiting in the wings:

And here he is, transformed into Keanu Reeves in 1991:


He's got matinee idol looks, and surfing has a way of getting into your blood when you're on the West Coast as he is, so Point Break makes sense from an artistic point of view, but Ethier's hobby always seemed to preparing and eating food. Ethier going into acting full time certainly would free up a spot in the Dodgers outfield for Carl Crawford. Unless the Dodgers want to nudge him into acting instead.

Since this is a Fan Cave production, expect video evidence of Ethier's performance at some point. He'll be good and we'll be all, like, "Whoa!"

(Even though "Whoa!" is from another Keanu film.)

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