17 angry Yankee fans who don’t accept Robinson Cano’s ‘thank you’ to New York

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Robinson Cano is officially a Seattle Mariner. It's for real. The papers are signed. He's been trying on uniforms. The M's are selling T-shirts. Cano is being introduced to the Seattle media on Thursday afternoon.

On this occasion, whoever runs Cano's Twitter account, figured the right thing to do was thank New York for nine seasons in pinstripes that set him up to make $240 million on the open market.

That was nice, right? WRONG! Robinson Cano is, basically, Satan to Yankee fans now. Just look. Here are 17 Yankees fans — OK, one is a Mets fan — who do not accept Cano's "thank you." Please note: I sorted through thousands of tweets about Cano today, and while these ones are particularly entertaining, there are many, many others with language too crass to show you on this very blog. Someone wanted him to suck 240 million what? Oh boy.

So here you go, enjoy the Yankee fan outrage.

I'd like you take a break here because the last tweet is my favorite. It's not as funny, outraged, sad or obscene as some of the others. But it's the best. Because it's the least aware of just what Yankee fans are rooting for year in and year out. Robinson Cano did to the Yankees what players have been doing to other teams for the past couple of decades so that they could join the Yankees. Please, point me to the players on that bloated payroll who are playing for the game and not the paycheck.

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