Video: Sean Williams kisses the rim, perplexes his teammate

Ball Don't Lie

Sean Williams' career has been checkered, to say the very least. He enjoyed a promising start as a New Jersey Net, but his seeming ambivalence and plateaued skill set have done him in during the years since his 2007 NBA debut.

That doesn't mean the guy can't still jump. Or kiss the rim, even. Or, most entertainingly, confuse the heck out of Dallas Mavericks teammate Rodrigue Beaubois as he kisses said rim.


It's been a fun start of the season for Williams. Not only did he make the opening day roster of the NBA's defending champions, but he cracked the champs up with his heaving fit in the team's second game of the season, later blaming the incident on the handfuls of chocolate-covered almonds he was downing before the game.

The lesson with almonds, Sean, is to always go smokehouse with them.

No, not that smokehouse.

(HT: Dan Devine.)

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