Hip musician names a song after Ricky Rubio

On the list of early season NBA excitement, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio sits somewhere near the top. He makes passes no one has seen before, is young, and just generally seems to have a lot of fun playing the game. He appeals to everyone: adults, children, balding men, hairy women, whatever.

Apparently Rubio also has musician fans. Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin, better known around the Internet as Oneohtrix Point Never, is one of the most heralded synth-based musicians around today. His 2011 work "Replica" was recently listed as the sixth-best album of the year by the indie tastemakers at Pitchfork, and he counts such notable and bloggable bands as Animal Collective among his fans. Lopatin is also a huge basketball fan -- his Twitter account is as much about the NBA as anything else.

So, like any real fan, he titled one of his newest instrumentals after Rubio (via Gorilla vs. Bear and Myles Brown). It's just a demo right now, but "Rubio" is sure to end up on a few YouTube highlight mixes before the end of the year. Listen below, if you're into ambient drone or just really love Ricky.

Rubio has never been more relevant. Go back to Hot Topic, Matt Bonner.

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