So Willis McGahee is back in our fantasy lives…

That's right, friends: The sudden, epochal changing of the Browns has thrust Willis McGahee's name back into the fantasy conversation. On Thursday, the soon-to-be 32-year-old McGahee passed his physical with Cleveland, so the team made the expected announcement...


(No, actually, it's all being dismantled and the Browns are re-rebuilding. Hope everyone's cool with that.)

[It's not too late to play Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football]

McGahee is unlikely to have a significant role (or any role) in Sunday's game at Minnesota, but he has to be regarded as the favorite for carries moving forward. He was a reasonably productive back for Denver in 2012 before injuries ended his season (4.4 YPC, 73.1 YPG), so it's certainly worth keeping an open mind here. It's hardly crazy to think that McGahee can replace Trent Richardson's relatively sad per-carry efficiency in Cleveland (3.5 career YPC).

As of this writing, Willis had been added in more than 65,000 Yahoo leagues on Thursday, and I've made a contribution to that total. (Three pick-ups. Wish it could have been more. And I dropped 30 percent of my FAAB budget in one league.) I'll stop short of calling McGahee a must-add -- he's an old back tied to a low-yield offense, after all. But hey, he's a free running back with a decent history, in line for a decent workload. If you add him, you'll flex him eventually. I'm on board.

Whatever numbers you'd been projecting for Ahmad Bradshaw, pre-trade (as long as you weren't completely irrational), you can probably now get from Willis. That is, assuming he'll surge past Chris Ogbonnaya and Bobby Rainey on the depth chart. He's roster-approved. Do what needs doing.

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