Bobcats put Boris Diaw on trading block

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Boris Diaw arrived on the Charlotte Bobcats roster via trade with the Phoenix Suns in December 2008 (along with Raja Bell and Sean Singletary). Now he may disappear from the roster in the same way.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Diaw (and his expiring contract) is on the trading block, but the team isn't willing to "take back a bad contract to make a deal."

Since his arrival, the 29-year-old had started 235 straight games for the Bobcats before coming off the bench for Monday's 102-94 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Coach Paul Silas is becoming increasingly frustrated with Diaw, the paper reports. "As Charles Barkley said on national television recently, Diaw is a nice guy but a relatively passionless player," the Observer notes. "As Barkley put it, he [Barkley] always went out to kick someone's butt, and Diaw isn't of that nature."

The 6-8 native of France is averaging 8.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.6 assist per game.


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