Blizzard changes name of to Blizzard App

Zorine Te

Blizzard has changed the name of its service, renaming it to Blizzard App as of version 1.8.0. The developer first revealed it was going to be updating the name of its online service in September last year, but the change is now officially live via downloadable updates. was first launched on November 30,1996 alongside the release of action role-playing game Diablo. An updated version, 2.0, was launched in March 2009. The original was separated from this version and renamed to Classic.

Blizzard released a beta for the desktop app in August 2013. The client acts as a digital distribution platform through which users can download and launch their Blizzard games. It replaced the launcher for all Blizzard games. Integrated voice chat functionality was added in November 2016.

The change comes as part of Blizzard’s plan to retire the name and focus on “Blizzard” as the main branding for all current and upcoming services, starting with Blizzard Streaming and Blizzard Voice.

Farewell, hello Blizzard App. (Blizzard)
Farewell, hello Blizzard App. (Blizzard)