Bleacher Report names best, worst landing spots for QB Lamar Jackson in 2023

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of major questions to answer during the 2023 offseason. While they will need to address multiple areas of their team over the coming weeks and months, one of the biggest things they will need to figure out is the future of quarterback Lamar Jackson, who is slated to hit unrestricted free agency.

When looking at the best and worst landing spots for quarterbacks who could potentially change teams during the 2023 offseason, Brett Sobleski of Bleacher Report put together two different choices for where Jackson could end up. For the best fit, Sobleski named Baltimore, talking about how a change from offensive coordinator Greg Roman can help Jackson in immense ways.

“Greg Roman’s decision to step down as offensive coordinator shouldn’t be viewed as negative for Jackson. Quite the opposite. An expanded playbook, with improved passing concepts, should appease the uniquely talented signal-caller. Jackson even thanked Football Gameplan’s Emory Hunt on Twitter when the latter pointed out that the quarterback played in a pro-style offense at the collegiate level…Whoever comes in as the next Ravens offensive coordinator will expand the team’s passing attack and make Jackson even more dangerous. Roman was great at devising a ground game, but his passing attack left much, much to be desired…Baltimore’s offense can finally take flight and help Jackson reach his full potential to warrant the type of contract he wants.”

Meanwhile, Sobeski outlines the worst landing spot for Jackson as the Atlanta Falcons, saying that the offense he’d be put in with the Falcons might be a step back for Jackson.

“Neither Marcus Mariota nor Desmond Ridder showed enough to warrant further consideration as the starter. So, a play for Jackson may be perfect for owner Arthur Blank to sate his desire for another superstar quarterback…However, the move might actually be a step back for Jackson by playing in another run-dominated offense with a heavy emphasis on play-action…While the Falcons feature a few exciting young pieces at tight end (Kyle Pitts), wide receiver (Drake London) and running back (Tyler Allgeier), the goal isn’t more of the same from what we’ve already seen throughout Jackson’s career. It’s to play in an expanded offense, with more overall talent around Jackson than Atlanta’s roster currently features.”

It’s unclear what the future for Jackson holds, and plenty of answers should come as the offseason continues. However, the Ravens would be wise to hold onto their franchise quarterback, as if they don’t there will be plenty of teams calling who would be more than happy to add a talent like Jackson to their team.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire