Blazevich not worried about Fromm

Anthony Dasher, Editor
GA Varsity

Radi Nabulsi

One of the big questions regarding Saturday’s game between 7th-ranked Georgia and Tennessee involves how freshman quarterback Jake Fromm will respond to playing in his first SEC road game.

Tight end Jeb Blazevich isn’t very concerned.

“I think he’s ready,” Blazevich said. “I think we’re preparing him as much as we can. I keep forgetting he’s a freshman just as far as how mature he is, how intelligent he is with the football, and just how he approaches the game, just so business-like. With Jake it’s 'I’m here to work and I don’t care what’s going on. I’ve got a million things do, but I can shut it all off and go to work.'”

No, this isn’t Fromm’s first road game.

That came Week 2 at Notre Dame.

However, as everyone knows, it really didn’t feel like a road contest, not with 30,000 or so Georgia fans making up the crowd.

“In terms of preparation, no, it won’t be much different,” Blazevich said. “But in terms of reality I doubt we’re going to have a game up there in Neyland Stadium like we did in South Bend.”

Head coach Kirby Smart has no doubt about that.

“Any quarterback that plays there knows it's tough to play in that crowd noise. Obviously, Jacob (Eason) has played in those environments before when he's played all over the SEC,” Smart said. “I'd like to think Notre Dame was very loud at times. We didn't have to go on silent a whole lot, but we had to practice it all week, so Fromm has dealt with that from that standpoint.”

However, Blazevich said there’s one area Fromm hasn’t been subjected to yet and won’t until the team takes the field for Saturday’s game (3:39, CBS) – constant renditions of Rocky Top.

In past seasons, the Bulldogs would practice with the Volunteer fight song blaring through the speakers at practice. Not so this year.

“Not as much when the great Joe T (former strength coach Joe Tereshinski) was here. When Coach T was here, I don’t know where, but he found every version there ever was of Rocky Top and played in the weight room non-stop, even walking by,” Blazevich said. “It got to the point they were playing it in the game and you were kind of nodding and saying, ‘what am I doing?’ Thankfully, they’ve been laying off that and hopefully we won’t be hearing it too many times.”

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