Some say the Blazers won the Damian Lillard trade, others the Bucks – but was it actually the Celtics?

The Milwaukee Bucks made a blockbuster trade to acquire superstar guard Damian Lillard, forming a formidable duo with Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, in a surprising turn of events, the Boston Celtics emerged as potential winners in this trade. Lillard’s desire to leave Portland led to a complex three-team trade involving eight players and three future first-round draft picks. The Bucks gave up valuable assets to get Lillard, notably Jrue Holiday, a key player during their 2021 NBA Finals victory.

Portland quickly flipped Holiday to the Celtics for Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams III, and two first round draft picks. The Celtics, in need of a strong point guard, welcomed Holiday and now boast one of the league’s best top six players, combining star wings, outstanding guards, and talented big men.

The trade’s true winner will be determined when the playoffs arrive, but it’s clear that both teams made significant moves to enhance their chances of success.

To hear more about why Boston may have “won” this trade for yourself, take a look at the clip embedded above from the folks at the “Fast Break Hoops” podcast.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire