NBA to certify players' age, height in camp after Buddy Hield fiasco

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  • Buddy Hield
    Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings' leading scorer. NBA record 602 3-point makes during his first three seasons in the league. Over $450,000 raised to aid storm destroyed Bahamas.

Buddy Hield is having a crazy year.

He's become a budding star on the court, and set a record with his perimeter shooting and stepped up to the challenge after Hurricane Dorian ravaged his homeland.

To his growing list of accomplishments, Hield can now add something new.

According to Stein, "Among the motivations for this new policy, sources say, is the fact that Buddy Hield's age was found to be recorded incorrectly in 2018."

Hield skipped a year in age when he revealed on the NBC Sports California broadcast that he turned 26 on Dec. 17 and not 25, as previously listed.

It wasn't anything nefarious, just a mix up on data entry according to Hield. 1992 is his listed birth year on all of his identification, including his Bahamian passport.

"I came over with a passport," Hield told NBC Sports California back in December with the news first broke. "My passport has 1992 on it. My driver's license has 1992 on it. I just think people got their information from Wikipedia or wherever, and they just went with it. They just got it wrong."

It's unlikely that the league will get much older over the next week, but it's certainly going to shrink a bit.

There might be another player or two with birth year issues, but the NBA is usually thorough in this process.

Hield's issues seem to be an anomaly, although we'll learn more on this over the coming weeks.

Expanded heights have been an issue around the NBA for some time. Most players are measured as part of the combine, but not everyone gets an invitation or shows up for the measurement portion.

Players heights are listed both with and without shoes on the NBA's anthrometric site. According to Stein, all players will be measured without shoes in the new certification process.

It's an interesting decision by the league that will likely open up plenty of players to scrutiny or at least internet memes.

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Is Yogi Ferrell really 6-foot tall? Do you measure Marvin Bagley's height with or without the hair? Does Bogdan Bogdanovic get a special ‘metric system' exemption?

What we know for sure, it's all Buddy Hield's fault. If he doesn't show up and measure at 6-foot-3.75, someone has some explaining to do.

NBA to certify players' age, height in camp after Buddy Hield fiasco originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area