Blake Lively publicly gushes over husband Ryan Reynolds’ ‘spicy’ bicep photo

Blake Lively has gushed over husband Ryan Reynolds in a “spicy” photo showing off the Marvel actor’s toned biceps.

The Deadpool star shared the summer-themed photo taken by Lively to his Instagram Story on Sunday (28 May). In the image, Reynolds was seen posing in a white sleeveless tank top and beige cuffed pants, along with a pair of sunglasses, as he flexed his muscles for the camera.

He captioned the smiling post, “Summer in New York makes me sorry for the way I treated winter in New York,” and included a photo credit to his wife of 11 years.

Lively then reshared the Instagram Story to her account, adding her own flirty message. “Caution: Extra Spicy,” read a warning sticker included in the post, as well as two hot sauce bottle stickers and a cartoon animal breathing fire.

This isn’t the first time Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have poked fun at each other on social media. Back in 2019, the Free Guy actor famously shared a series of amusing snaps of Lively to Instagram in honour of her 32nd birthday.

“Happy Birthday, @blakelively,” he captioned the post, which included several images of Lively accidentally posing for the camera with her eyes closed.

 (Instagram / Blake Lively)
(Instagram / Blake Lively)

Last year, Lively returned the favour when she jokingly told Reynolds to sleep on the couch after seeing his latest commercial for Mint Mobile. In an ad for his phone company, which was recently purchased by T-Mobile in a $1.35bn deal, Reynolds could be seen standing in front of a Mint Mobile sign and promoting the brand’s newest family plan.

He noted that Lively would be making an appearance to talk about the company’s family plan, saying, “I’ve asked my wife and plan member to back me up.” Instead of Lively, another actor with blonde hair arrived on the set while looking down at her phone.

In response, Reynolds said: “You’re not my wife.” The woman agreed and explained that she “stands in for [Lively] on set during the boring stuff”.

“I’m literally revolutionising the category,” he replied.

Lively poked fun at the ad when she shared in a message posted to her Instagram Story: “Darling, if you charged more, you could afford me. Sorry, your real wife.”

She then referred to Reynolds’ comment about “revolutionising the category” before joking that he’d be sleeping on the couch. “@vancityreynolds, my love, feel free to revolutionise the couch when you sleep on it tonight ! !,” she wrote, along with two emojis of a hand shaped as a heart and a kiss emoji.

Most recently, Reynolds joked about how he repeatedly tells Wrexham AFC player Ollie Palmer to wear a shirt around his wife. “Every time we’ve come as a family and stuff, we’ll walk down to the locker room, and Ollie’s the first guy that walks out of that dressing room completely shirtless to have a conversation with my wife,” the football club co-owner shared on the Fearless in Devotion podcast.

“I’m always like, ‘Ollie, put a f***ing shirt on and come back out like a gentleman,’” he recalled.

The couple, who have been married since 2012, share daughters James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three. They also welcomed their fourth child in February, though they have not publicly shared the baby’s name or gender.