Blake Griffin takes it all off for ESPN the Magazine

Last year we brought you the (hopefully) cropped photo of Amar'e Stoudemire diving into a pool in the buff from ESPN The Magazine; and this year we're happy to pass along the image of a naked Blake Griffin nearly emulating Michael Jordan's Jumpman logo for the same publication. The photo is rather large -- Blake is 6-9 -- so we're including it after the jump.

We have to warn you that you can see his nipples. Nobody tell Michael Powell.


Hubba, freakin', hubba. Am I right? Come on, guys. You can say it.

It's a well-worn cliché, dumped since the advent of popular nudie mags some 60 years ago, but you'd probably pose like that if you had that body too. And considering Griffin's propensity for brain-altering and gravity-defying workouts, I would concede that the guy has earned it. And considering his sense of humor about the photo shoot

… I think he's got the funny chops to match those swingin' gams.

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