Blake Griffin takes a lockout-inspired intern gig at

The NBA lockout could roll on for another 13 or 14 months, at this rate, so 2010-11 Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin has decided to use his time wisely, if on a pro bono scale. The Clippers forward is working as an intern at

Look -- he's even tucking his shirt in. That's a kid with promise.

With the backing of actor Will Ferrell and writer/director Adam McKay, started up nearly five years ago to widespread acclaim. Featuring the infamous "The Landlord" clip (boasting McKay's daughter giving a profane, drunken harangue to a beleaguered tenant character played by Ferrell) right out of the gate helped, but the quality of product and the intelligent vote it up/let it die judging setup turned the site into an all-timer.

Griffin was born in 1989, so the All-Star has lived half his life in a world where Flash technology makes it so ha-ha videos were just a few clicks away. A site like is right in his generation's wheelhouse, and an internship with the comedy collective is right in Griffin's alley. The man knows all about alleys, and wheelhouses, and he's proven again and again that his dry sense of humor and comedic timing are miles removed from most of his hoops peers.


This is a player that had us all cackling at his initial and unofficial first press gathering as an NBA player, following a superfluous pre-draft workout with the Clippers when it was all but a given that Los Angeles would select Griffin first overall. He then went toe-to-toe with Peter Mehlman, no small feat, and acquitted himself well in two visits with Norm MacDonald (the second visit, from Griffin's ROY press conference, has been wiped from the Internets by a humorless

Does this mean the lowly intern will be appearing in any FoD videos anytime soon? Well, yes. He's Blake Griffin. Even if he weren't hilarious, he's Blake Griffin. Chin up, fellow interns. Blake can get his chin over the rim. You're out of your depth, would-be Rosie Shuster.

And if the on-screen thing doesn't work out for you, fellow interns, there's always a ton of money to be made as a writer.

(Now that's funny.)

(Photo credit: Associated Press)

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