Blake Griffin and Kevin Garnett dive into the stands: Griffin takes out a kid, KG takes out a TV (VIDEO)

We generally don’t like posting video or pictures of fans that happen to be children here at BDL, because our comment section can tend to get needlessly nasty, and these youngsters didn’t ask to be put in the public eye. After a day’s reflection, though, we don’t mind highlighting how one young Blake Griffin fan (sporting a Blake Griffin jersey) took a massive hit from what we presume to be his favorite player. It happened as Griffin dove into the stands during Friday night’s significant Clipper victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, a win that saw Griffin contribute 24 points and very good defense. The youngster was initially shaken up, but after a quick trip back to the medic station he could be seen back in his courtside seat by the second half, wolfing down some snacks that were most likely provided gratis.

Free food from Donald Sterling. Nice work, young man. Watch the video:

Kevin Garnett’s dive into the stands on Friday night was even scarier, as KG not only dove head-first into what luckily appeared to be an empty seat, he dashed over the scorer’s table on his way back onto the court along the way, taking out a TV monitor used by longtime Boston Celtics broadcasting duo Mike Gorman and Tom Heinsohn:

Garnett, whose minutes have famously been limited this year in order to save wear and tear on legs that have been running up and down NBA courts since 1995, immediately dove right back into defensive position in order to prevent the Pacers (already down 15 points) from taking advantage of a five on four matchup. It, like the defensive work he made in the play prior to diving into the stands and just about every minute of defensive basketball he’s played this year, was quite impressive.

He also, uh, basically punched Tyler Hansbrough in the face and was ejected.

From RealGM’s Andrew Perna:

“I’ve got nothing to say about it,” Hansbrough said afterward. “It is what it is.”

Garnett insisted that he didn’t mean to target anyone’s face.

“I was firm, I didn’t mean to get him in the face like that,” he said. “I was actually trying to swipe the ball, but it was a physical game and they called it the way it was, part of the game.”

No. No it is not part of the game. Part of KG’s game, sadly, but not part of the game.

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