Blake Corum says Sean McVay and Jim Harbaugh are ‘total opposites’

Blake Corum comes into the NFL after playing in a pro-style offense at Michigan for Jim Harbaugh, who helped lead the Wolverines to a national championship last season. Harbaugh has since made the jump to the NFL as the head coach of the Chargers, a team that shares a stadium with Corum’s team, the Rams.

Corum’s new head coach, Sean McVay, also has championship pedigree. He’s won one Super Bowl with the Rams and led them to another appearance in 2018, but he’s nothing like Harbaugh in terms of personality.

Just ask Corum. While on the “Rich Eisen Show” last week, Corum said the two coaches are “total opposites.”

“Total opposites. Total opposites in terms of personality,” he said. “I think they’re both great coaches, but they’re definitely total opposites. But I love Coach McVay’s energy. He’s positive, he’s consistent, he’s bringing the energy each and every day. Growth mindset, even as one of the greatest coaches in the NFL at this point. I love playing for him. I’m excited to strap up and actually play for him, but I love going through these OTAs and playing for Coach McVay.”

McVay’s energy and leadership are two things players often talk about that make him a great coach to play for. Whether it’s running with receivers down the field during practice or doing sprints with the team, McVay is always engaged with his players.

That’s more reasonable for him to do considering he’s only 38 years old, but McVay has been a beloved coach since his first season in the NFL seven years ago when he was just 30 years old.

There’s no denying Harbaugh’s greatness as a coach, too. He’s won everywhere he’s gone, whether it was Stanford, San Francisco or Michigan. But there’s no question he uses a different coaching style than the guy leading the Rams.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire