Blaine woman charged with sexual assault of youth hockey teammates in Roseville

Prosecutors say a Blaine woman sexually assaulted two teenage boys from Colorado who were in Roseville last month to play in a hockey tournament.

Allison Schardin, 38, was arrested Thursday on charges of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and remains in custody at the Ramsey County jail. She allegedly assaulted two 15-year-olds on a Colorado youth hockey team who were in town for a tournament. A third teen witnessed the alleged assaults.

According to the charges:

While in a hot tub with the teens at the hotel on the evening of Jan. 14, Schardin told them she had marital problems. One of the teens cited in the charges said Schardin's husband came to the pool area and yelled something like, "If you don't come upstairs, our relationship is over."

The boys went to their rooms, where one received a snapchat from Schardin stating that she and her husband had gotten into an argument and asking if she could come over to the teen's room.

Two of the teammates did not want her there, but one reportedly allowed her in because she said she needed help. Those two teammates left when Schardin arrived, leaving her with the three boys cited in the charges.

She told the teens that she was afraid of her husband, and eventually started talking about "sex and stuff." She got into bed with two of the boys while the third one was in another bed, asking them how sexually active they were. They told her their ages when she asked, mentioning that they played for a 16-and-under team.

She then began sexual acts with two of the teens and asked them to perform sexual acts on her. One of the boys said they felt uncomfortable and that he didn't want to have sex with her, despite her insistence. He eventually told Schardin he had to sleep because of a game the next day, and she left.

The teens said Schardin showed up at their game the next day. "[Victim 1] said they all started getting nervous and he was shaking on the bench at one point because he wanted to leave what happened the night before in the past and she was trying to follow them," according to the charges.

Schardin reportedly asked victim 1 not to report what happened to the police once they returned to Colorado. He agreed and blocked her, but she messaged the second boy to apologize for attending their game.

After she was arrested Thursday, Schardin told investigators that her husband and two children went to the hotel that weekend for a staycation and that she had made casual conversation with the boys around the pool. She said she enjoyed the boys' attention when they asked for a picture and information.

Schardin said she accepted their invitation to go to their room in order to get away from her husband, and admitted to kissing some of the boys. She said they asked her to take er clothes off and that she initially said no. She admitted to sexual contact with two of the boys and asking them for a condom, but "claimed she wasn't going to go through with 'it.' "

Schardin's first hearing is scheduled for Monday in Ramsey County District Court.