Blackpooltech recovered 1.8million in cryptocurrency for pensioner from crypto scam

BLACKPOOLTECH specializes in fraud recovery involving wire transfers, credit card payments, online accounts, and cryptocurrency transactions. It began in 2010 with many working professionals as specialists in their respective fields.

London, United Kingdom, Feb. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Blackpooltech is the leading global provider of digital risk solutions IT and Cyber Security services to individual and corporate sectors. Blackpooltech provides Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Fraud Investigation, Incident Response, Email Security, Cloud Security, Threat Response, Managed Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, and digital services related to governance, risk, and transparency.

BLACKPOOLTECH, specialize in fraud recovery involving wire transfers, credit card payments, online accounts, and cryptocurrency transactions. The team can help its clients dispute and get a refund for their stolen money, with services and access to the best software databases, plus relationships with regulatory agencies (both local and international), law enforcement, legal advisers, and banking consultants. Crypto transactions are anonymized, which leads to the common perception that they are untraceable. However, several highly technical proprietary solutions exist that allow for the tracking of these transactions in many cases. They offer a quick, efficient, and simple process. Most incidents will get a resolution within the first few weeks.

Recently Blackpooltech recovered $1.8 million in bitcoin for pensioner from crypto scam. Mr Robinson who lost $1.8 million bitcoin said he couldn’t believe his good fortune after getting his stolen money back. "I had bought some Bitcoin, and I was going online to see how to trade it," said Mr. Robinson.

Mr. Robinson went on Google and researched software programs to trade Bitcoin and found a program. When he tried to download it to his computer, the company called him and offered to help him install it. While the company had remote access to his laptop, Mr. Robinson became concerned as he watched his Bitcoin account begin to empty, and it appeared his account was being drained.
"I said, 'What are you doing? Why are you in my Bitcoin? How did you get there?” Mr. Robinson said. The malware had been remotely installed on his system, and his $180,000 in Bitcoin was gone. "I got in touch with a crypto recovery at specialist Blackpooltech." Mr. Robinson responded.

Blackpooltech is a leader in chargebacks and fund recovery in the crypto industry. Over the next four months, Blackpooltech followed the blockchain to recover Robinson's funds. Ultimately, Mr. Robinson was shocked and relieved to get his money back. "It was like winning the lottery. There was no chance to get it back, but we had to try, and I am so lucky to have the funds recovered" Mr. Robinson further said.

If clients believe they were a victim of a crypto scam. They can take comfort in knowing that many people have recovered Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nothing is truly anonymous. A significant first step is to get in touch with Blackpooltech today.

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