'Black Panther' star shed blood from eyes after onset mishap

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Angela Bassett visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she revealed a scary side effect of shooting multiple days on the outdoor Warrior Falls set of Black Panther. In fact it was so bad, one star found themselves in the emergency room.

The film was primarily shot in Atlanta, with the waterfall set outdoors. Bassett said that after a couple of days all the actors started having eye problems.

While the actors thought is was a result of chlorine in the water, production claimed the ph balance was perfect. They ultimately realized that all the actors were getting sunburned on their eyes.

Bassett said it was particularly hard on David Kaluuya. "He had to go to the emergency room." she said, adding "You know, blood on the pillow. I mean, it was just the worst."

As a result, everyone on set was ordered to wear sunglasses. Everytime director Ryan Coogler yelled "cut!", the entire cast would put their shades on.

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