This Black-owned indie beauty brand made $1 million in 8 minutes

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one 20-year-old beauty entrepreneur

has proven that people are still

looking to support indie brands.

Case in point: MoonXCosmetics,

a Black-owned handmade vegan skincare

line, made $1 million in eight minutes.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mariee Revere, the CEO and founder

of the brand, took to Twitter

to announce the major milestone.

"thank you god and thank you to everyone who supported me!

i had to cut the site 26 minutes due to me reaching 20k + orders!

thank you so much!” Revere said via Twitter.

In a follow-up post, Revere thanked

all for shopping the latest restock.

She also noted that her brand

was not a pop-up overnight but

rather a labor of love for three years.

“MoonXCosmetics, LLC, isn’t a solo project, it only succeeds given how well it performs and because of how much we love our supporters".

“This is a community that we’re building ... and I couldn’t have asked for better customer bases, better support and a better appreciation for all of the hard work my team and I put in”

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