Bizarre Hometown Visit Does Not End Well on 'The Bachelorette'

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Dean has been dreading his hometown visit for a while on The Bachelorette because he did not have the best relationship with his dad. After his mom died when he was 15 years old, Dean's family grew apart. Dean said that while his dad was always there for the family financially, his mom dying left an emotional void that his dad, apparently, did not fill.

It was also a little strange for Dean to bring Rachel to meet his dad because his father is a converted Kundalini yogi. Before heading to the house, Dean told Rachel what to expect. He said, "He's a converted kundalini yogi, like, a Sikh. So he, like, you know, wears a turban and has a beard down to his belly button." Dean also had to explain his dad's name to Rachel, who had a hard time pronouncing it. His dad's name is Parumrup, and Dean said, "It means 'divinely beautiful,' and it's a self-given name, so it speaks a little bit to his character."

During the visit, Dean decided to bring up some of his past issues with Parumrup and it did not go well. The father and son argued back and forth about what happened after Dean's mom died. Eventually, his dad was fed up with the discussion and walked out. While Parumrup was done talking, Rachel was not. She tried to grab Dean's dad for a quick chat, but it was much quicker than she wanted. Parumrup started to open up to Rachel and then interrupted himself, saying, "No. No. I -- I regret. This doesn't work. I just wish you blessings, you know, Rachel. I'm sure you are an incredible lady, but... what happens tonight, I need to take into account, because it was my son, and I didn't realize he had such harsh feelings."

Unfortunately, Dean was in store for some more harsh feelings, because Rachel did not give him a rose and he was sent home, although not to his dad's home.

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