Bison stampede in Yellowstone rocks bridge in ‘scary’ encounter

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While crossing a bridge over the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park, Johnnie Havard and his wife noticed a huge cloud of dust in the distance created by a stampeding herd of bison.

A moment later, things turned scary.

“We expected the herd to cross the road at the end of the bridge, but to our surprise, they turned onto the bridge and continued running directly toward our car,” Havard, who shot the video Oct. 3, explained to ViralHog.

“The bridge was shaking and swaying, which can be seen by noting the movement of my car’s mirror. The experience was rather scary since we were not at all sure that the bison would not run into our car, but as can be seen in the video, they veered to the right lane as they approached the car.”

Havard can be heard in the video saying, “The whole bridge is rocking,” to which his wife replies, “I know.”

You can also clearly hear the clacking of the bison’s hoofs on the highway.

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Havard aptly summed up the encounter at the end of the video, saying “Well, that was cool.”


Photo courtesy of ViralHog.