The Bishop Sycamore documentary arms race is now Michael Strahan vs. Kevin Hart

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If you were worried the upcoming Bishop Sycamore documentary from actor/comedian Kevin Hart and LeBron James' agent Rich Paul wouldn't provide a deep enough look at America's most surreal high school football scandal, then rest easy.

Michael Strahan is on the case.

Strahan's SMAC Entertainment announced Wednesday that it will produce a documentary on Bishop Sycamore's bizarre and potentially criminal story, aided by exclusive rights to the story of Roy Johnson, the former head coach of the "school."

Johnson has been previously accused by a former Ohio High School Athletic Association investigator of using the football team primarily as a way to enrich himself, and it now seems he will again cash in on what has become one of the most bizarre sports stories of the year.

Bishop Sycamore goes Hollywood

Bishop Sycamore has been an object of fascination for many fans since a fateful Sunday in which the program played national powerhouse IMG Academy on ESPN. Amid a 58-0 IMG blowout in which multiple players were injured, ESPN's announcers bluntly told their audience that Bishop Sycamore had misrepresented its talent level to the network. The network and its high school partner have both pledged to prevent a similar situation from occurring again.

In the week-plus since, Johnson has been fired and multiple outlets have dug up a breathtaking amount of the program's dirty laundry, such as the supposed school not teaching classes, many of its students being too old to play for real high schools and Johnson having an active warrant for his arrest.

Meanwhile, the program's new head coach has outright admitted he doesn't run a school but a "post-grad football academy," the governor of Ohio has directed his education department to investigate the matter and the team's name is now the most popular moniker in fantasy football.

In that environment, it's not a surprise that the documentarians are mobilizing. The first move come from Hart and Paul, whose HartBeat Productions and Klutch Originals are partnering on a docuseries. They claimed to have secured exclusive interviews with players and coaches from the program's past and present, but they will apparently be missing interviews with Johnson himself.

The situation is not unlike what happened in the aftermath of the infamous Fyre Festival, in which a supposed luxury music festival on a private island quickly devolved into a debacle of FEMA tents and cheese sandwiches. That story also triggered multiple documentaries in the immediate aftermath, including one in which the central figure provided exclusive commentary.