Billy Horschel slips and slides his way to an impressive par

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — Billy Horschel endured a whirlwind of emotions on the 13th at Augusta National on Saturday.

He was already flailing, having come into the day making the cut on the number. A few missed putts, bad drives and questionable choices later, and he was already five over par by the time he reached the 13th. And then it all started to turn south.

Horschel was a hand-waving, club-slinging tornado, but 13 sent him to a new level. His tee shot didn't release the way he wanted, and he responded with a string of profanities: "What a [expletive] bounce. What a [expletive] [different expletive]ing bounce."

Oh, but it would get worse. Horschel's approach shot hit the front edge of the green and tumbled into Rae's Creek. Horschel took off his shoes and socks, began walking off the green toward the ball, and ...


Best part of that clip is Phil with a sucks-to-be-you look on his face.

But all was not lost! Horschel played from the creek, and tossed up a pretty sweet little escape:


He would go on to par the hole, easily the most colorful par of the entire week for any player in the Masters. It'll be interesting to see if Horschel can match this on Sunday.


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