Billy Donovan says Knicks games will help Bulls against Hawks

The Chicago Bulls have a very odd schedule to wrap up the season this year. They picked up a win over the New York Knicks on Friday night, but that’s not the last time they take on the blue and orange. In fact, the Bulls will play the Knicks two more times before their regular season wraps up, including in their season finale.

The Tom Thibodeau-led Knicks are a very physical team that relies on their defense to lead the way. As Chicago prepares for their inevitable Play-In game against the Atlanta Hawks, Billy Donovan is looking to gain as much experience as possible, and he believes playing the Knicks a few times will help with that.

Donovan said that the Hawks have improved their physicality, so the Bulls need to prepare for it. (H/t Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times)

‘‘It will be a great physical challenge for us,’’ Donovan said. ‘‘Atlanta has made some significant progress defensively the last few weeks. This is what it’s like at the end of the year, playing against these types of teams, and I think it can only be helpful for us going against it. There are certain things you have to do physically, and at times we’ve struggled with that, quite honestly, whether it’s on the backboard or trying to win the point of the screen.’’

If the Bulls want to make a run, they need to be in tip-top shape.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire