Bills’ Von Miller: ‘Still feel like I have a couple of years left’

After a hot start to his time with the Buffalo Bills, an injury bug has started to slow down pass rusher Von Miller.

Ever the optimist, the 35-year-old does not believe that will be an issue that will derail his career plans.

After a 2022 knee injury, Miller returned to the fold last year. In doing so, Miller played in 12 games but failed to record a sack.

With more time off since that setback, Miller is remaining positive at spring practices.

“I still feel like I got a couple of more years left. I’m going to give it my all,” Miller said.

Miller has support in this area, too.

Buffalo’s new defensive coordinator Bobby Babich said he saw the Von-of-the-past at times in 2023 even though he didn’t have a sack.

“There was a couple of plays in there where you were like, ‘Okay, I see Von,’” Babich said via video conference.

Time will tell how long Miller can give it a go… because Father Time will make that decision.

For more from Miller, see the attached WGRZ-TV clip below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire