Bills’ Von Miller acknowledges late miss: ‘I’ve just got to make that tackle’

The Buffalo Bills signed Von Miller to be the closer and he was not that against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bills (5-4) lost 24-18 against the Bengals (5-3).

With the injuries Buffalo is dealing with, most would say the defense fare pretty well against Cincinnati. Even so, Miller missed a heartbreaking tackle.

Right at the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter, the Bengals were facing third-and-3. Cincy handed it off to running back Joe Mixon who immediately met Miller.

A potential tackle for loss turned into a five-yard carry. Without enough timeouts, that was all she wrote for Buffalo.

Even with the promising defensive effort, Miller still took the miss on the chin and accepted responsibility.

“I have to make that tackle,” Miller said.

Still returning from a season-ending knee injury last year, Miller was on a snap count still against the Bengals. He played in 24 total snaps, three of which were kneel downs at the end of the game by Cincy.

Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott still continued to back his future Hall of Fame pass rusher. He said he sees the work Miller is putting in to get back to full health.

“He’s working as hard as he possibly can. Von is Von and he’s going to continue to work hard. He has that resume for a reason,” McDermott said via video conference.

With the difficult odds now in front of the Bills, Buffalo will need Miller to be back to full force sooner rather than later. The team, once considered a Super Bowl contender, is out of the AFC playoff picture as the situation currently stands.

Miller’s full comments following the loss to the Bengals can be found in the Batavia Daily News video below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire