Bills at Texans becomes a much more compelling game in 2024 (along with others on Houston's schedule)

Well, 2024 just got even more interesting.

With the Bills trading receiver Stefon Diggs to the Texans, the Texans' schedule requires more careful focus.

The most significant game on it? A visit to Houston from the Buffalo Bills.

But there are others. The Texans go to Minnesota, where Diggs's career started — and where he made one of the biggest plays in league history. (He'll be reunited in Houston, again, with Case Keenum, who threw the pass that became the Minneapolis Miracle.)

The Texans visit the Chiefs, the team the Texans are trying to catch by going all in in a way that the other NFL team in Texas can only talk about doing.

And, yes, the Texans visit the Cowboys, giving Diggs a chance to square off against his brother, Trevon, and giving the Texans a chance to show they are the better team. (Now THAT would be a great Thanksgiving Day game.)

Houston also hosts the Ravens, Dolphins, Bears, Lions, Colts, Jaguars, and Titans. The Texans visit the Packers, Jets, Patriots, Colts, Jaguars, and Titans.

It's not an easy schedule. Its specific configuration will be very interesting to see, with the Texans likely a lot more prime-time games than they did 2023. There also will be a lot of games having storylines that go beyond who wins and loses.