Bills’ Stefon Diggs creates buzz with cryptic tweets

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is back to creating buzz on social media.

Years ago, Diggs complained about wanting to be on a new team, which led him to being traded by the Vikings to the Bills.

And in terms of his Bills tenure, we’ve been here before. Diggs states he never says he wants to leave, but then he sends out cryptic messages, such as these from Friday:

It’s likely not worth reading into this very much. Diggs will usually not directly say he wants to leave but he will say curious things.

Most recently during an interview on the “Up & Adams” show, Diggs said both he wants to “retire a Bill” but then stated it’s “always going to be family no matter how it shakes.” Even the show’s host, Kay Adams, pointed out a bit of the confusion there … but nonetheless, here’s our latest Diggs offseason commentary.

Fans of other teams have started to chime in to recruit Diggs. Most in Buffalo will know not to think much of it.

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire