Bills’ Spencer Brown had offseason surgery

Evidently Spencer Brown went under the knife at some point this offseason.

According to a source named Dion Dawkins.

After Dawkins signed his extension with the Bills, he was discussing offseason plans during his video conference call. Dawkins noted the O-line group had some things planned as a group but a few curveballs changed that.

One being Mitch Morse was released… another was Brown having surgery.

Brown potentially having surgery was not announced by the team. Last offseason in 2023, Brown had surgery on his back.

During last year’s regular season, Brown only was ever listed on the injury report with shoulder and knee problems. Banged Up Bills, a Bills injury analysis content creator, believes it was likely only a minor issue. There is likely no reason to worry for Brown’s long-term health.

Dawkins revealing Brown’s surgery can be found in the clip below:

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire