Bills’ Sean McDermott on No. 2 WR option: ‘We need that’

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott spoke with media members on Monday after reviewing the film of a 22-16 loss to the Jets in New Jersey to open the season, one in which QB Josh Allen and the offense struggled.

The conclusion of NFL Week 1 has left the team facing some of the same questions of their offseason, and even of last year’s campaign.

One of which is that of who can provide a reliable second option in the passing game behind WR1 Stefon Diggs, who was met with double team coverage often last season.

McDermott was to the point when asked about the matter.

“I think that’s big, I think that’s really big, whether that’s a wide receiver, tight end, back, whatever it is, we need that,” McDermott said via video conference. “We probably didn’t get it as much as we would have liked to yesterday.”

Stefon Diggs led the way for Buffalo’s receivers going 10 for 13 with 102 yards and a touchdown,

“Thought Stef had a good day overall and obviously had the touchdown on the Scramble Play there, and was productive in the two-minute drive to go tie it as well,” his head coach noted.

WR2 Gabe Davis was second by a wider margin, going 2 for 4 with 32 yards. He continued to exhibit strong situational contribution in the two-minute drive but the team continues to need more beyond him and Diggs as well.

“I did see in the two-minute drive Gabe stepped up his game there which is when we need him to do it, and other guys were involved just I think we could we could mix some of those guys in there some more as well in terms of opportunities,” said McDermott.

After Davis, it was Dalton Kincaid (4 for 4 with 26 yards), Dawson Knox (3 for 4 with 25 yards), James Cook (4 for 6 with 17 yards), and Damien Harris (2 for 2 with 16 yards.)

Spreading the ball around effectively was a hallmark of former Bills offensive coordinator-turned-Giants head coach Brian Daboll, who produced the standard of success by which the current Buffalo regime is often measured, and will be until they perform to or exceed it again.

A standard by which current OC Ken Dorsey is also being measured.

With the offense’s struggles dating back to Dorsey’s first campaign as OC last season taking over for Daboll, and the most offensive weapons the Bills have had under McDermott at his disposal, the situation is magnified. Recapturing the rhythm and success of spreading the offense around achieved by his predecessor is essential for  Buffalo’s success as well as Dorsey’s.

Spreading the ball around and executing efficiently, as seen previously under Daboll, also can create less pressure on Allen to force throws into coverage, make smarter reads to hit open targets, and to avoid costly turnovers such as those in Monday’s loss.

“There’s only one ball all that being said, right, you want to make sure that Stef gets what he needs in terms of as a number one receiver that he is for us,” McDermott added. “But spraying the ball around and other people becoming viable options is also important for us.”

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire