This Bills proposed resolution was passed by the NFL

The NFL has made a change to one of their policies, and it came by way of a proposal by the Buffalo Bills.

While a new kickoff rule change and the removal of the hip-drop tackle were the headlining changes by the league At the NFL annual meetings, one of the Bills’ proposed resolutions was passed as well.

That proposal was “to make the injury reporting rules for players who do not travel with their clubs to games away from their home city competitively fairer.”

The team also submitted a second proposal, which didn’t get passed as written but the Competition Committee presented their own version that was approved. As Bills head coach Sean McDermott now serves on that committee and with the purpose of the resolution being more what it was meant to solve, it getting passed was considered a success.

“The end of the day, it’s what’s best for the overall league, not just what’s best for the Bills,” McDermott said to the press. “So, sometimes you have to kind of hit a middle ground on things and then reassess from there.”

That Committee’s version of the second proposal by Buffalo was meant “to expand the Standard Elevation rules to permit clubs to elevate a bona fide Quarterback an unlimited number of times from its practice squad to its Active List to be its Emergency Third Quarterback.”

With the passing of this new rule, an emergency third quarterback will now count as one of the two standard elevations. Meanwhile, the Bills’ version of the proposal was that an emergency third quarterback would be in addition to the two elevations.

NFL teams, coaches, and even top players have been instrumental in the past in submitting meaningful rule change proposals and resolutions.

The Bills have been one of those teams in recent years and McDermott having been appointed to the Competition Committee is a reflection of how his role and impact is viewed and embraced by the league in the perspective he brings.

The same can be said of Buffalo’s front office at large in their involvement and participation in looking at ways to improve the game, player safety, and league policies.

The Bills have had chances to experience the impact of unpredictable situations ranging from canceled games due to player injury, to game relocations due to weather, flaws in the compensatory draft pick awarding system, and more.

That in addition to the many things they encounter over the course of the regular season gives them plenty of opportunity for insight as a modern franchise, which could lead to more proposals in the future.

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire