Bills players, coaches scrap plans to go to facility on Sunday

Before facing the Steelers, the Bills get an extra day of work. But they'll be working from home.

As noted by Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, Bills players and coaches had hoped to go to the facility today. Due to the ongoing storm and travel ban, that won't be happening.

Presumably, everyone will be able to get to wherever they need to go by tomorrow. At some point, the Steelers will fly to the area. If the travel ban remains in place — and if the roads aren't cleared — they could have much more of an adventure getting from Point A to Point B than the Bills, whose players and coaches will just stay home until it's time to go to the stadium on Monday.

None of that will matter once Monday comes and it's time to play the game. On the surface, it helps the Bills to play in better conditions. However, both teams will be affected by the reduced time to prepare for the divisional round.